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83 Reviews
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88% Recommend this product (73 of 83 responses)
By Andrew
Too much Whistling
November 4, 2019
Installation of the cross rails on my 2019 Grand Cherokee was pretty easy. The cross rails on my 1989 grand cherokee are better though, very easy to slide and lock in place with a built in lever that allows easy adjustment on the go. These on my 2019 would require an allen wrench and 15 -20 minutes.These look well made and look nice on my 2019. But the noise is way too much for my liking. They whistle even at speeds above 35. I removed them. I do have a retractable moonroof, perhaps contributing to the problem.
Proswell made nice looking
Consnoise cost adjustment options
By Art M.
Chapel Hill, NC
Great roof rack!
October 26, 2019
Great roof rack for my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. Easy to install.
By Paul T.
Yachats, OR
Great looking and well built cross rails.
September 13, 2019
Easy to assemble off the car BUT very hard to install because the instructions are awful, awful, awful. The instructions are nothing but a poorly written and poorly illustrated parts list.
ProsVery well made and looks good on my G. C. Appears to be held on very tight and should hold a 150 lb load with no problem, although I have not put our bikes on it yet.
ConsFix the damn instructions to make it a How to Install list. If you are not mechanically inclined could be very hard for you to install. You need to loosen the two hex head screws pictured on their parts list a great deal, BUT not too much or the whole mounting mechanism falls apart and is tricky to put back together. 1. Install the cross bars on the car's roof first and tighten down hex head screws 1 & 2. (If you loosened both screws enough the mounting mechanism EASILY fits on the roof rack rails.) 2. Prior to installing the long rubber strips take off one of the cross bar end caps (very easy to do). 3. Install/slide the long rubber strips (wet the bottom and not the topside of the strips with soapy water) starting on the end with the cap removed. 4. Install the end caps and your done. BTW You need a stubby (short #2 Phillips screwdriver or a 90 degree offset one to put the screw back in the end cap). 5. If you follow these instructions and have a short Phillips #2 you can easily do this in 45 minutes.
By Kevin
New Hampshire
Great Deal
September 2, 2019
The racks we easy to install. I think it took a total of 15 minutes to mount both racks. Good looking, functional, quiet and 1/2 the cost of other racks.
By G
Great product
August 21, 2019
I needed to buy the side bars as well to be able to use these on my Jeep. Most Grand Cherokees come out of the factory with "low profile" plastic bars which are useless. I bought both parts from this site and am extremely satisfied. After reading a bunch of reviews I was a little nervous about the wind noise, but there was non. I have my bars set all the way forward and all the way back.Installation was easy I had no problem putting the rubber strip in the bar like others talk about. 5/5 stars unbeatable prices absolutely will use this site for everything I need for my Jeep
By Woody
Rhode Island
Excellent Rack
June 20, 2019
The installation is relatively easy, maybe 15 minutes with supplied allen wrench.The rack looks good, and does not make much noise. It's just fine driving with the sunroof open, unlike some other car/rack combinations I've driven. Highly recommended for the Grand Cherokee in need of a rack. Great service from JustForJeeps.
ProsLooks good Simple Install Quiet
ConsNot super wide
By Kaci
Conway, AR
Quality Purchase!
June 16, 2019
I needed something to carry my kayak and these cross bars do the trick perfectly. Has been a quality purchase ever since. Installation guide was definitely helpful but be sure not to loosen screws too much upon installation. Rubber strip is a little difficult to get inserted but overall happy with this purchase!
By Mike
Good product, useless directions
May 15, 2019
The crossbars are easy to install and work fine. I have noticed some wind noise primarily on windy days. The installation directions provided are useless. Go to YouTube for a video.
By Joe
Downingtown Pa
Easy install and they look great
May 9, 2019
Very easy to install only took about 10 minutes. As others have said there is some wind noise but it's ignorable with the radio on
ProsEasy to install
ConsBit of wind noise but I think anything you put on the roof is going to cause some air disturbance
By Roland
Sturdy tight fit, but of course wind noise
March 9, 2019
Sturdy tight fit. Fairly easy for a tall person to push the rubber strip into the bar (get a ladder or similar for leverage).However, with the strips installed, a lot of whistling at 50+ mph, so I removed the strips. Now it's just a low rumble at those speeds.I may just remove them altogether when not in use. It will help with the milage, reducing drag.
By Jim
West Virginia
Fast Order
February 17, 2019
Got the order in record time. Great Price. No issues with the racks other than the wind noise.
By Christina
Sumrall, MS
These are legit!
February 9, 2019
I read all the reviews and was a little worried about people saying they had terrible wind noise.... I have no wind noise at all, they look great, and were easy to install. I recently had purchased two sets of crossbars off ebay that weren't Mopar and cost about $50 each and they came off! These are amazing and you won't go wrong!
ProsSturdy and no wind noise.
By Ugur
Long Island, NY
Looks awesome!!
January 12, 2019
Took about 15 minutes. I put it on 2018 GC Altitude which does not come with factory rails so I had to purchase and install the rails that go from front to back (also purchased from here) before I installed these bars.
ProsFast delivery. Easy install.
ConsInstructions arent the best. Just watch a youtube video before or while installing.
By Ben
Works perfectly, looks great.
January 3, 2019
Great product. Better looking and less expensive but equally functional as other aftermarket solutions. Installation is quite simple (although the instructions are worthless). Tow notes based on other comments I've read: 1) The rubber strips are fairly easy to insert if you squeeze from the outside edges to seat the tabs in the track. You can also add a little bit (just a small amount) of dish soap or soapy water which will help lubricate the rubber but will dry once the strips are seated. 2) Some have complained about wind noise - mine are dead quiet. For whatever it's worth, there is a forward facing edge which is marked by a sticker, I would suspect that installing the bard backwards would create some noise as they appear to be shaped in a specific way. Also, I installed mine 2" back from the front stop on the rail and 3-1/2" forward of the rear stop on the rails.I'm running a Yakima Fatcat 4 ski carrier and zero noise even at highway speed. Overall I'm very happy with the functionality and relative value and would highly recommend these bars.
ProsFunctional, good value, good looking, easy to install.
ConsPoor quality instructions, rubber strips can be tricky to insert, but see my review above for a tip.
By Miguel P.
Puerto Rico
Good product but needs better instructions for instalation.
November 29, 2018
Needs four special washers not included for installation. You can reuse the original bolts.
ProsYou can do installation yourself.
By Seve
Detroit Mi
God awful noise
October 30, 2018
Good quality and look. The wind noise is unbearable. Tahoe rack makes no noise.
ConsWind noise is awful
By Gordo
Boston, Ma
Rack em up
September 3, 2018
Racks fit perfect and were easy to install
By Dave
Fast Shipping
August 30, 2018
Quick and easy install with this rack. Solid fit. Shipping was super fast. Couldn't be happier. O||||||O
By Tina
Great product
August 20, 2018
easy to install
By Greg
Richmond, VA
July 9, 2018
Exactly what I was looking for. Installed easy and worked great with our Thule XL car top carrier.
By Gloria T.
Silver Spring, Maryland
Awesome! Easy to Install
July 8, 2018
These roof racks are awesome... Guys, I don't hear any wind noise.... I tried many different scenarios to see if I could hear anything and I am the type of girl that always has the windows down. Don't hold back if the noise scared you
ProsEasy to install
By Albert G.
New York, NY
Just what I needed
June 29, 2018
While these look great, one piece was chipped upon opening the box. I wasn't going to try shipping it back in the original packaging so I guess I'll live with it. Overall I'm happy with my purchase.
By R R.
Kent Ohio
Roof Rack
May 20, 2018
I bought a Jeep Roof Rack for 176.00 in 2012. I used it on my 2012 G.Cherokee then on my 2015. I then found Brighlines Roof Rack for my 2018 G.Cherokee for 99.00 with shipping and it is the same except without Mopar sticker. It fits perfectly. By it
Tampa, FL
Great Product
April 23, 2018
My order arrived quickly and with all parts. The installation was very simple, and took about 30 minutes total. As with many racks there is some wind noise when traveling at higher speeds, but not so bad that having the radio on doesnEtmt cancel it out. The rack carries my paddle board with no issues. What I really like is low profile look compared to some other brands. Very pleased with this product.
By Coley
Key West
Wind Noise
April 14, 2018
I tried to deal with the wind noise but it's absolutely unbearable. Adjusting the positioning didn't help either
By Michael
West Islip, NY
Wind Noise is Unbearable
March 21, 2018
The quality of the product is fine, but the wind noise created when driving any speed over 30MPH is just ridiculous. If you spend any normal amount of time in the car there is no way you can tolerate the noise. It is incredibly annoying. After trying every possible position for the racks it is clearly a problem with the product. I have spoken to several other jeep owners with these racks on their car and they all say same thing. It's amazing people continue to buy this product. I used them for a week and have not put them back on since. Absolute waste of money. Mopar should finally address this.
ProsThey look nice. Sturdy product.
ConsWind noise created by product is completely unbearable to deal with.
By Reinhold
Prescott, AZ
Ver well made carrier
February 9, 2018
The only downside, the wind noise. Other than that, great accessory
By Tim M.
Pt Pleasant NJ
Roof rack
February 9, 2018
Easy to install and price was better than at dealer received in 2 days very happy works with both my soft carrier and my Thule hard carrier
By Paulo
Loveland, CO
Just a great set of crossbars
February 2, 2018
Good design, it really looks good on a Grand Cherokee diesel
ProsEasy to install. Lightweight but strong enough. The notice is maybe short, but if you have done it once, it is like running on a bicycle, you will not forget how to do it again.
Cons1 - Sliding the plastic top is not that easy. I suggest that you do like I did, you remove the end piece, slid the plastic and reset the end piece with a short screwdriver. Or do like I intend to do, cut slots over the bolts, so the plastic stays and do not interfere. 2 - The forward sign should be on top or on the feet of course.
By Russ B.
Good product
January 20, 2018
They fit snugly and there isn't any wind noise. So, these are what you want.
By George
Boston area
Sleek and custom fitting for the Grand Cherokee
January 1, 2018
A little difficult to install but look nice.
ConsWind noise when installed versus without cross-bars on rooftop.
By Ethan
Bad wind noise
December 13, 2017
Wind noise is annoying and no amount of adjustment fixes it. Planning to return.
By Jordan A.
Athens, GA
December 13, 2017
I am very happy with my purchase of this item. However, I would recommend looking up instructions on YouTube since the ones it comes with don't help at all. Overall, it's exactly what I purchased and I'm happy with it so far!
ConsComes with terrible and useless instructions
By Andrew
Milwaukee, WI
Good rack
December 2, 2017
Quality built, easy to install, looks great. It does whistle, even going 45 mph however. Also make sure you have allen wrenchs as it does not come with them.overall, pretty satisfied with the product.
By Bill
Ocean City, Maryland
Fit perfectly!
November 2, 2017
Sonic shipping. Sturdy racks that are competitively priced. Easily installed. Very satisfied with this company, and this set of racks for my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
ProsEasy to install, sturdy racks, reasonably priced.
By Kevin A.
Monterey, California
Easy Instalation. Good Quality. Extremely Noisy.
October 30, 2017
The instruction is not quite useful. I was told that by moving it back and forth, I can get rid of the wind noise but every spot still too noisy. I may just leave it off and store it until I need it. Luckily it does install within 5-10 minutes....
ProsGood Quality.
ConsRubber was hard to attach. Too noisy.
By Euric
2011 jeep roof racks
September 27, 2017
Great product, easy installation!
ConsWhistles a little when driving on the highway( can be fixed by purchasing a surf pad) in
By John C.
South Carolina
Sturdy But Noisy
September 13, 2017
Installation on my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee was relatively easy after watching a YouTube video. Installing the rubber strips prior to installing the bars on the vehicle made things easier. The bars made a loud humming noise with the rubber strips inserted at speeds over 40 mph that was very annoying. I removed the rubber strips and the humming noise went away so I'm leaving the strips out unless they are really needed while carrying something that might scuff up the bars' finish.
ProsGood build quality for the price. Each bar is rated at a maximum load of 150 pounds.
ConsAnnoying humming noise over 40 mph with the rubber strips inserted no matter where the bars are positioned on the vehicle.
By Chris
North Carolina
Looks Great, Easy Install, Top Quality
August 11, 2017
This rack is the Thule rack system for half the price. Works great, easy install, looks good. After reading the reviews from a few people about how the install was difficult and the directions were not very good, I was quite disappointed when I was only one beer deep and had everything installed in about 15 minutes because I then had to go back to doing the wife's honey-do list instead of man stuff, like installing this rack over a few beers....I'd recommend it and would buy it again.
By Steve
Toledo, OH
Excellent Product
August 7, 2017
Easy install (about 15 mins). Worked great on my 1500 mile round trip with a 100lb Roof Bag installed to the roof and rack. Product looks great as well.
By Jon
Great OEM Item
August 5, 2017
Great OEM item at a great price. shipping was quick. Some reported wind noise, but i don't here anything. make sure the fatter part is towards the front and slopes to the rear. mine was labeled correctly, but I read some are not in general.I have mine installed all the way to front and rear. 5 stars
Proscan install with common sense
Conscrappy directions
By Ken
Long Island, NY
Cross rails
August 5, 2017
Fast delivery, 20 minute install. I recommend this product and will buy this for my next Cherokee.
ProsFast delivery.
ConsRubber cover strips on top of rails are difficult to install. Use a rubber friendly lubricate to install them so they slide in more easily.
Great product. Would recommend.
July 21, 2017
As advertised, mopar product that is built well, sturdy, and does the job. Does not lock on vehicle so a crafty thief will an allen wrench can steal, but it's a great product. My brother is buying them too after seeing mine. Instuctions are worthless. Watch a YouTube video instead. They were on the jeep in 10 minutes.
ProsDurable, manufacturer product. Clean look, especially with a dark vehicle
ConsInstructions are horrible.
By Brian
Sonoma, California
Works great, fits great.
June 30, 2017
Installed this on the 2017 Grand Cherokee, it was easy to install, had directions, all parts were accounted for. The only issue I had is cosmetic, the corner of one of the mounts looks like it was damaged in shipping so the little plastic cover was chipped off. The product is Mopar / Jeep fit and works as intended.
By Randy K.
Myrtle Beach SC
Nice Cross Rails but noisey
June 9, 2017
Easy to install, sturdy and look great. Fit on a 2017 Grand Cherokee is perfect. They do have quite a bit of wind noise. I have tried shifting them around, sealing the adjust slots with no success. As about 45mph they start making wind noise with a slight whistle. Removing the rubber strips from the tops of the cross rails stops the noise completely. I'm in doubt if I should remove them until I need them or if it OK to run them without the rubber sealing strips?
ProsGreat look, great fit and sturdy.
ConsToo loud on a quiet Grand Cherokee. Run OK (quiet) without the rubber strips along the tops but unbsure if I should continue to run them open. (Without the strips)
By Garrett
Newport, RI
Overall great product
May 31, 2017
I agree instructions were not detailed. The overall install process was very simple to figure out. I had no issues with the weather stripping. I recommend putting the weather stripping on before you install cross rails to the roof, leaving just the ends exposed to make adjustments for the install and then you just need to push in all 4 corners vs trying to awkwardly stretch across roof.
ProsLooks great, works well, easy to install
By Clay P.
Simi Valley, CA
Removable Roof Rack Cross Rails
May 3, 2017
It works great!
By Up G.
Chicago, Illinois
February 26, 2017
Made by Thule, fit great.
Good Rack
February 2, 2017
This is a good price for a set of basic cross rails. They are sturdy and functional for my needs (carrying paddle boards, etc.). Installation was easy and quick, although as others have said the directions are not much help, but after I examined it for a few minutes it was easy to figure out. And I had no trouble pressing the plastic strip into the rack once it was installed on the car and I did it in January. There is a bit of wind noise at high speeds on the highway, but less than other rack systems I've had on other cars. Overall I would purchase again.
By Bruce B.
The Villages, FL
Jeep Roof Rack Cross Rails...
January 12, 2017
Just purchased the Mopar Jeep roof rack cross rails for my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The installation was easy, rails fit fine and my luggage carrier is now mounted to rails. Read some reviews of alternative rails and elected to spend the extra $100 for these. Glad I did as they work fine and am very pleased with my purchase.
ProsQuality product, rails fit fine.
By Justin
Portland, OR
Great Fit and Build for the price
January 5, 2017
Compared to the other options on the market it is about half the price from what I could find. It feels solid and justforjeeps was terrific to order from.
By Jared
as advertised
January 4, 2017
Genuine Mopar parts. Quality as expected and installation was very easy, about 10mins total. I did not experience some of the trouble others have mentioned regarding the rubber strip/seal on the top.Shipping was fast from
ProsFit factory side rails very well
ConsUnable to lock racks to the rails like some other models, but I was aware of this before the purchase was made.
By Bryan
Berkshire, MA
2012 WK2 Altitude roof cross rails
November 11, 2016
I like this product. I had to replace the fake rails on my Altitude before I could mount these, but the cross bars themselves were very easy to install. I'm glad they are black to match, its the main reason I didn't buy Thule. I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about the instructions when you don't need them anyway. Very straight forward installation, took about 15 minutes. Was able to push the rubber down without any soap or whatever. Biggest con is the wind noise. Other people said slight, but anything over 40 mph it is extremely evident with or without the sunroof open. I have the front one all the way forward I'm going to try moving it back, but we'll see. I just put on music or the radio otherwise it would annoy me.
ProsSimple, quick install. Just need to make sure both sides are even. Look good. High weight rating.
ConsThere is no speed at which they do not make an annoying whistling sound, but I've had that issue with a lot of brands.
By David
Monument CO
perfect fit, easy to install.
October 16, 2016
There is a front and a back to each cross bar. The bars are identical. It is labeled with arrows identifying which way points forward. Loosen the clamps but do not unscrew completely and the ends fit right into the channel. Make sure they are straight across and tighten. Piece of cake. As for the rubber strip... I found that that by just pushing towards the center from each edge, it fit right in. You do have to push firmly but no big deal. Took all of maybe 10 minutes to set both of them and that involved moving from side to side of the Jeep. No spray, no pulling. I did find one end had a small (1/32) burr that kept it from fitting perfectly but a but of utility knife love and that was solved.
By Teddy
Madison, WI
Great product, horrible instructions
September 30, 2016
As you've already read, the instructions are bad. Once installed, the racks look good, and are fairly quiet. There's a noticeable whistling that I hear at speeds above 40mph, but if you close your moonroof shade it's pretty much gone. Add some music to the mix and you'll never hear it. Sunroof open is louder, but not whistling. I haven't bought a roof box yet, but it will be interesting to see if I need a spacer. Eternal the cross bar and the box in the rear to avoid contact with the shark fin antenna.
ProsLooks awesome (my jeep is storm trooped, black racks are tight) Solid construction Mopar parts
ConsInstructions Slight whistling in the wind
By Frank A.
Hawthorne N.Y.
roof rack
September 1, 2016
great fit, easy to install.
Prosgreat price, genuine Mopar part
By Tom
Black Forest, CO
Good Product, Marginal Instructions
July 24, 2016
Just installed, so the jury is still out...but it seems to be a good product and will function as advertised. The installation instructions were marginal at best...classic case of the "designing engineer not talking with the installation mechanic". With the help of some on-line forums and u-tube, I figured it out. Hey MoPar -- customers have complained about these instructions for a few years now (see forums).....maybe time to review them??......Thanks
By Wilfredo M.
Puerto Rico
Excellent product.
July 21, 2016
Easy to mount and it is very strong. 150.lbs.
ConsJust black.
By Chris
Menominee, MI
Roof rack crossbars
July 9, 2016
Thankfully I had read other people's reviews and was prepared. I agree that the instructions are poorly done but not hard to figure out how to apply. Crossbars came ready to install. The hardest part was sliding the rubber strip molding across the top after installed. I found Windex worked best for me, with a needle nosed pliers. The Windex allowed the rubber molding to side fairly easily over halfway across the roof, then I grabbed the middle of the molding with a needle nosed pliers and pulled the molding to the end. installation only took a few minutes. I have already used it to haul kayaks a couple of times and I've been very happy with it
ProsLooks great on the JGC. The crossbars seem to be flimsy out of the package, but quite solid remounted They are not too big like one from Thule
ConsPoorly written instructions, but very doable Screw in end caps
By Jeff G.
St. Louis, Mo.
2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee cross bars
July 7, 2016
Just for was a pleasure to do business with, because they were quick to respond to my e-mail when I had a question, and then they shipped the product immediately, since I needed them for an upcoming trip. They arrived in exactly 3 days as shown.
By Kelly
Castroville, Texas
Work As Expected
July 6, 2016
The rails fit fine. As others have said, the instructions are not worth much. There are two screws at each pylon for mounting. Note that one screw extends all the way through the pylon to the mounting clamp below. Just loosen that screw up until it is about flush with the bottom of the clamp, push the head of the screw all the way down and the clamp will extend low enough to easily coax it onto your vehicle rail and the installation is a breeze after that. I have already used the rail to haul 3 kayaks and it worked great.
By John
Good product
July 1, 2016
Poor instructions and documentation make for a frustrating installation experience. Make sure you do not loosen the bracket screws too much or you will need to take the bracket apart and start again.Once installed though, it is a good product, seems solid and is very quiet when driving. Great price and value.
By Frank
I just installed the Rails today.
June 5, 2016
Looks like a great product. I am going fishing and I am planning on attaching the Rod Cases to the Roof Rails.Seem to well made.
Easy to install
May 13, 2016
Got these for my Grand Cherokee High Altitude. Along with the side rails I purhchased ( as the HA does not have them from the factory ) , the whole install took around 30 mins.
ProsEasy install Matches the High Altitude "black look ":
ConsSeem a little flimsy when you open the box, however once installed seem pretty solid
By Rob
Paso Robles ca
Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof rack
May 12, 2016
Not good explanation on how to assemble rubber top strips. Hard to pull off end caps - no explanation on why need to pull them off
ProsWorks fine
ConsLack of instructions. Hard to put on top strips
By Steven
Brownville, Maine
Mopar 2014 Grand Cherokee Roof Rack
March 15, 2016
Great rack, to install you need to loosen the outside bracket bolt all the way out, look on the underside to check distance, the inside bolt is for the plastic cover. Use Vaseline to lube the top bar rubber covers to easily slide into rail slot (once you mounted the rails), short bar goes forward, longer bar in the rear, and you are all set.
Prosclean look
ConsDoes make some noise highway noise. Instructions are terrible, IKEA are much better.
By Dan
San Diego
Good seller and product
March 4, 2016
The racks arrived promptly, were easy to install, and look much better than the alternatives from Thule and Yakima on my Grand Cherokee.
ProsThe rails are well made and look good.
ConsI would prefer to have the cross rails fit exactly into width of the Grand Cherokee because it would give the appearance of being custom made for the vehicle. That said, the small amount of overhang is tolerable.
By Skisalot
High Sierras
Nice roof rack
February 14, 2016
Easy to install, although instructions are poor. Look for decal on underside of rack for location and direction. Be careful trimming insert, as one is longer.
ProsNice looking-belongs to JGC
ConsInstructions are very poor.
Detroit MI
Nice Product
October 11, 2015
Received yesterday and installed today. As the Mopar instructions are very poor at best, I watched a quick you-tube video and these are very easy to install. I put dawn dish soap and windex on the rubber strip. Use Key to remove end and they will slide right in.
ProsNice product for the price.
ConsMopar instructions are very poor.
By Mike
Pontiac, Michigan
'not the best design
September 16, 2015
The MOPAR cross rails for the Grand Cherokee is a much poorer design than those I had on my 08 Liberty. The attachment mechanism works, but is a bit difficult to install correctly. The top rub strip is also difficult to install - I squeezed it into a "U" shape to get it into the channel - but then it does not sit flat. Being inexpensive and functionally adequate makes it acceptable for the price, but I am sure there are better (and more expensive) crossbars out there.
Pros-inexpensive -it does the job
Cons-difficult to install - both the crossbars and the top rub strip -inadequate instructions
By Steve
Dacula, GA
Look great
June 3, 2015
I liked the way these rails look after I installed them. Install took about 15 minutes. The instructions are not overly detailed but the install is nothing complicated. Loosen the screws, place the rails, tighten the screws.
By mike
Apex, NC
great product bad instructions
May 22, 2015
instructions have nothing about the keyed locks or how to get the rubber strip on easier. great product
Prossturdy design good materials
Conspoor instructions
By Adam
New Hampshire
Perfect all-around
May 6, 2015
Product arrived as expected. Easy to install. Little to no wind noise. Fantastic price.
ProsQuality product, looks good, no wind noise, great service
By Pedro
South Shore, MA
Product is good / service is better
January 29, 2015
I bought these 3 weeks ago and installed them the same day on my Grand Cherokee. Two things I would suggest: First, the rubber inserts are two different lengths as are the cross rails. Make sure you know which one goes with which bar. I actually had to trim the rubber a little to make sure they fit when I was done. Very easily done with a pair of sharp scissors.The second is to do this when it is warm outside or find a garage (preferably heated). After struggling with the wrong insert outside in the cold is when I realized my error and had to remove it and start over again. a little wind noise at speed but I can live with it.As for the service, Just for Jeeps was extremely helpful at every turn and I recommend them highly
ProsSturdy and relatively easy to install
ConsInserts are a bit of pain to install. Instructions are not very descriptive.
By Zack
Good quality, and look better than I thought. Hard to figure out though.
January 18, 2015
I wasn't sure if I was going to like the looks of the rack on top of my '14 JGC. My original intent was to put on the rack only when needed and leave it in the garage the rest of the time.The short answer is, that's not practical. It takes quite a bit of effort to install, especially the rubber strip across the top and once that's in, you can't remove the rack without taking it back out.The best way I found to install the strip was to coat everything in soapy water and just slide the strip in from the end. That seemed easier than laying across the top of the vehicle and pushing the strip in brute-force. I was installing this in the winter, so the rubber was stiff enough that I could push it in from one side - if you were installing in a warmer climate, it may not work to push.Now that it's up there, the looks of them are starting to grow on me. I haven't actually used them yet, but they're a good, solid install that I don't anticipate any problems (other than that stupid antenna being right in the way).
ProsSolid, quality components.
ConsInstructions were confusing, and the rubber strip is hard to get in correctly.
By Kent N.
Grand Junction, CO
They work
January 4, 2015
Took but a few minutes to figure out how to mount them. Have not used them yet but they seem well made. Still don't know for sure what the keys are for but they make my key ring look bigger. I wish the bars could be spread further apart. On our 07 Grand Cherokee, the bars are about 5ft apart, front to back. On the 2015 Grand Cherokee, they are about 3ft.
ProsEasy on & off.
Constoo close together.
By Andy
Seattle, WA
Shipped fast, easy install
December 15, 2014
I purchased these rails for my 2013 Jeep GC. They arrived in about a week, and it only took maybe 15mins to install them. They look great, and work great. I have noticed a little bit of wind noise if i have my sunroof open, but it really doesn't bother me at all.
ProsEasy install, looks great, very functional
Consslight wind noise, nothing major.
By matt
Pittsburgh, PA
easy to install, look great on my 2015 GC
November 17, 2014
the rubber inlays are difficult to install (I think because of cold weather), but overall, great product.
By L M.
Well built, odd looking but grows on you
November 10, 2014
It's nicely made, if somewhat finicky to install. Not the kind of rack that you would want to move around once it's in place. I can't say I like the look of it with the little "wings" on each end, but after a while I suppose I won't even notice them anymore. Function over form!
ProsWell Made
ConsNot that great looking
By Ann
They look great, sturdy, good quality. Nicer than Thule .
June 20, 2014
Installation instructions vague but once you look at picture instruction it is fairly easy to install. Only one of the screws is needed to loosen and then secure to rails. The two rails are clearly marked as to positioning/placement on rails.
ProsGreat price for product. dealership only sells Thule brand. however Mopar is official Chrysler/Jeep product.
By Rusty
Astoria, Oregon
Good finished product. Instructions can use some help....
December 17, 2013
First. While this shipped and arrived quickly, there was no notification of shipment nor transmittal of tracking information. That would get you another half a star. Next. The install instructions were obtuse. A bit more verbiage would help the vast majority of your customers. Also advise those folks to use a small screwdriver or putty knife to work the inner seal of the channel cover into place.Other than the issues stated, this lined up and secured to the factory tracks on my 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited very well. It is sturdy and has carried the full 150 pounds as advertised with no perceptible loosening of rack. My surfboard bungied just fine as well. Good product.
ProsFit well to factory roof tracks. Secured well with allen screws. Stable loaded or unloaded.
ConsHorrible install instructions. Find someone who has already installed one or find detailed instructions online.
By West J.
Los Angeles, CA
Nice product, no so nice instructions
November 22, 2013
The factory-issued racks look great and fit perfectly. The problem is the instructions that were provided had less words of instruction than IKEA furniture, so it's pretty much trial and error trying to figure out how to configure and install them. A few extra words printed in the instructions would have make me completely satisfied.
By Padre G.
Radcliff, KY
Roof Racks Are Great
August 14, 2013
These roof racks are working great for my vehicle and they are the right fit. Better than Yakima's system!

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