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By Rudy S.
Perfect Fit , extra hardware needed
July 29, 2021
I love the way it fit just like OEM .. only issue was the extra hardware needed to complete the install, i had to buy extra bolts and washers for it to fit correctly … it would be nice if they included it with the purchase and maybe some instructions… but other than I'm a happy customer…
By Damien
Portland, OR
Good (2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude)
July 25, 2021
Just like other reviewers have said, need additional hardware for it to fit flush or somewhat flush to your Altitude. I give it 4 stars overall. Quality is ok - price for what it is and how it's made is comical. Ease of installation isn't bad thanks to the other reviewers posting what hardware to purchase from Home Depot. If not for the additional flat head screws for the front and 1-inch fender washers for both the front and back, these side rails would be sitting unflush and wonky like a teeter totter. Took me about 1 hour to remove and install the new side rails. Most of that time was from working on the first side rail. Once I got the hang of it from that one, the other side installed quickly. My front and backs do not sit 100% flush to the roof line, but enough to not notice unless you're really looking for it. Do yourself a favor and buy the hardware before beginning the install process at Home Depot; - (2) M6 1.0 x 20mm FLAT HEAD SCREWS (Front posts) ... - (4) 1/4-inch x 1-inch FENDER WASHERS (Front and back posts of each side rail)... Once installed, they look much better albeit subtle and now just waiting for my Rhino Rack RVP27 cross bars to be delivered
ProsMuch better looking than the slim non functional side rails
ConsAdditional hardware requirement to sit flush to Altitude roofline
By jeffrey
June 24, 2021
This is a good product and easy to install. It would have been better if the instruction indicated the direction it needed to go.
ConsBetter installation instruction and the ability to use all of the screws
By Travis
black rails
June 8, 2021
Perfect. Simple installation when replacing existing chrome rails. Would recommend.
By Isabella
Great for 2021 grand Cherokee high altitude
June 4, 2021
Super easy to install (<30 min for a novice) with the screws from the factory rails. Took minor adjustment for the front one as mentioned in previous reviews but I did not need to purchase anything - able to use what was there.
By Thomas D.
No Hardware no instructions
May 28, 2021
Poor because there was no guidance nor hardware on installation.
ProsOnce rigged in place they look just ok because of the front and rear secure points.
ConsOnce rigged in place they look just ok because of the front and rear secure points.
Soldotna, Alaska
Disappointed in Alaska
May 12, 2021
I’m disappointed that Chrysler would manufacture a Jeep Grand Cherokee that can go off-road, but not have functional roof side rails for crossbars. Bought a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee 80th Anniversary Edition with excellent off-road capability, but non-functional roof side rails. I didn’t realize that the side rails were non-functional until after signing the sales contract, and asking the salesman if they had the roof crossbars in stock at the dealership. I was told that Jeep didn’t make crossbars for my Jeep, and that I would have to buy an aftermarket product. I was shocked, to say the least. Fortunately, I found functional side rails at JustForJeeps that were an exact fit with the current screws and washers from the fake side rails. Mopar also makes a crossrail (manufactured by Thule for Jeep) that fits the side rail perfectly. The shipping of the side rail to Alaska was expensive ($75.35), but the exact fit and ease of installation was worth the extra expense.
ProsExact fit and easy installation
ConsExpense shipping item to Alaska
By Steve M.
Central New Jersey
Fantastic OEM Part! ... but a little tricky to install ...
May 2, 2021
I love these authentic Jeep rails, and they fit great and look fantastic on our 2021 Grand Cherokee 80th Anniversary Edition, but as many reviewers have stated, they are not super easy to install to get the best look. Here was my step-by-step to get a perfect fit, and all you need to buy are four 1/4" hole, 1" diameter stainless fender washers, and two stainless pan head combo metric machine screws, M6-1.0 x 20mm (6mm metric). Got mine at HD. You will use 5 of the 6 factory metric screws on your current rails, and all 6 of the factory "keeper" plastic washers and all 6 factory "weather" washers (that look like little top hats). First unscrew all 6 screws with a Torx wrench (Allen might work also), lift off the current non-functional rail and remove keeper washers and weather washers from 2 of these screws. The new rails attach at the back and front by sliding two slots forward onto screws and washers, but the slots are not the same. For the rear screw/slot, add a fender washer next to a factory screw head, slide on the factory keeper washer, and then the weather washer. Hand tighten all the way down to top of roof, then reverse about one revolution or so. For the middle 4 fasteners, tape 4 weather washers to the bottom of your new rail, and poke a hole in the tape so you can see what you're doing from above and the screw has somewhere to go. Keep the factory keeper washers where they were next to the factory screw head for these 4. These 4 screws go in last. Up front, you'll either need to cut or grind one of the fender washers to between 3/4" and 7/8" wide. I just ground two sides rather than all the way around. This will make sense when you see how the rail slides onto this washer. Slide this fender washer up to the head of your new screw (the factory screw won't fit in the slot), and then slide a factory keeper washer tight to the fender washer. Then add the factory weather washer. Screw this whole assembly down as far as it goes with hand tightening. Do not reverse at all. Now slide the whole rail from back to front so it catches at both the rear and front and "locks" into place. You'll need to push and slide with a fair amount of force. The hard part is over, and at this point the rail should be nice and flush to the roof. If your tape hasn't come undone the four middle screws should be easy to relocate into the factory weather washers and threaded factory holes. All finished. Enjoy!
ProsOfficial, OEM Jeep part. Look awesome!
ConsTricky to install if you're not mechanically inclined. No hardware included.
By Dave
Marana, AZ
Work, look great
January 15, 2021
Installed these on our 2020 Grand Cherokee High Altitude in order to use roof rack cross rails. Easy install: remove plastic blanks, use same screws to install these. 20 minute job.
Proseasy install look good work well
By Ethan
Good for 2021 Grand Cherokee
January 14, 2021
Followed instructions from other reviews, fits great on my 2021 Grand Cherokee even though they have not updated the page to reflect that yet.
By Chris
North Carolina
Working rails for my 2020 Altitude
December 25, 2020
Good product with fast shipping. Installed on my 2020 Grand Cherokee Altitude with the factory low profile rails. Used existing hardware with some spacers and modifications but fit fine.
ProsFactory part. Fit and finish is excellent
ConsChallenging install if you are a novice
By Ted
Fremont CA
Quality but hard to install
November 14, 2020
Only 4 stars because of how difficult it was to install. As with the other reviews, additional hardware is required. The front screw is the only one that needs to be replaced with smaller head as the old screw is too high. Pictures describes it all. I went with taping the washers on the middle 4 holes instead of glueing like what others. Very solid and sturdy once fastened down.
ProsQuality product
ConsNo hardware included.
By David
Niagara Falls, New York
Installation guide here is what worked for me on my 2015 Jeep GC Altitude
September 19, 2020
I searched around and found a bunch of helpful hints to install these since they do not come with any install information at all. You will need a large torx bit to remove the 6 oem screws and you will reuse 4 screws and 4 plastic washers per side. Next glue the 4 plastic washers to the center 4 holes leaving the front and back holes out. I used the same setup for both the front and back holes which was a M6 1.0 20mm or 25mm flat head screw (my Home Depot was out of the 25mm), 1/4 in x 1 in large washer, small M6 flat washer and the nylon washer from the oem screw last. I tightened these as tight as I could get them and took my time slide on the new rail ensuring the back hole is in 1st then the front on until the center holes line up.
ProsLooks good with some mods.
ConsNo instructions or list of what parts are needed
By Keith
Requires slight modification
September 13, 2020
All of the other comments are accurate. Requires extra washers on front and real bolts in order for the rails to fit absolutely flush on both ends. For about $2 I was able to get them to bolt up perfectly and mount solid on my 2020 them!!
ConsRequires about 3 washers for each front and rear mounting point. Can buy at Home Depot or Ace. Easy!!
By updateCategoryParent
Charlotte, NC
A little ingenuity on install, but look great
September 5, 2020
The forums will all tell you (very small gaps) front and back, that's true. No installation instructions stink, but they look great once on, You can follow my install tips on forum. Put these on a WK2020 Grand Cherokee Altitude 4x4, with Brightlines cross bars
ProsLook great, only product i've found to do the job
Consinstall instructions, hardware needed
By Rick
Worked great for my 2020 Grand Cherokee Altitude
August 20, 2020
Tip. Add some large washers to the front and rear bolts. Super glue them to the bolt head. You have to play with the height adjustment a little bit. Once you get it figured out they will sit flush and work great. I love the black rails on my blacked out Altitude.
ProsOnce you get them in place they look great. Very secure!
ConsWould be nice if there was a wide head bolt kit for the front and rear bolts. Maybe some spacers. Then this would be a snap.
By Nate
Installation over complicated
August 15, 2020
Perfect fit for my grand Cherokee high altitude. Many comments about installation and the front and back not fitting flush. Instead of messing with the friction/pressure fit design I simply drilled holes on the top, placed screws (had to get slightly longer for the front edge) and nice and snug. I’m not sure why it isn’t designed this way for a very simple installation. I still need to modify and place the hole caps. Too shallow for the full depth. Again if originally designed this way, wouldn’t be an issue
By Jay
Cleveland Ohio
Factory part that bolts on easily
August 14, 2020
I was told by the dealer this wouldnt work on my 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee because all the roofs are different, that was not the case and all the holes line up perfect, but yes you do have to fiddle with the front and back only because it mounts with different hardware but there are tons of easy options including just using what you have with a thin washer and its done
By Bill
Functional and easy to install, but...
August 12, 2020
I found these fairly easy to install, but you really would do well to order some stainless washer head screws to replace the 6mm mounting screws for the front and rear mounts. (order 4 screws from McMaster Carr or the like) The problem with reusing the existing screws is that you will need to add fender washers and file off most of the head on the front screws for them to fit. The end caps, front and rear, are plastic and the grove for the screw heads are slots with the front slots limited in height, thus the need to grind or file the heads down. The washer head screws would eliminate this and replace the need for fender washers.
ProsNice looking and fairly easy to install. I would say this task requires a moderate level of mechanical expertise.
ConsRequired hardware is not included. Will need to either source washer head screws or modify the factory screws and purchase fender washers.
By Mike
Look great, but difficult to mount!
August 11, 2020
As noted by most other reviewers, these were not designed to fit the non-Limited Jeeps. Getting them on to my Altitude edition required trying a number of different washers and a few hours of futzing around putting them on and taking them off to tweak the adjustments to get them flush to the roof. That said, once they are on, they stay there! I took a 500 mile trip with a giant cargo box attached without any problems.
ProsLook great
ConsDifficult to get adjusted to be flush with the roof.
By Capptain L.
Colardo Springs
It works - but fits poorly on my Jeep.
May 1, 2020
Thanks for reaching out to me. I was able to install the roof rack and it is very functional, however the fit leaves something to be desired. Specifically - there is a gap between the rack and the roof even though the rack fasteners are properly tightened. Do you have fix for this situation?
ProsIt works - but fits poorly on my Jeep.
ConsIt works - but fits poorly on my Jeep.
By Pat
Mahopac, New York
Needs Adjustment
May 1, 2020
Mopar Quality! it was an easy install. Part of the install required the part to come off a few times until the front bolts were adjusted to the right height. Used the wrench to give it the last turn to get it to the proper height and seal the leading edge of the rail to the roof. Very happy!!
By Geoffrey M.
2013 Jeep side rails
March 3, 2020
Arrived fast and exactly what was ordered. Easy to install.
By Joanne
Sunnyvale, CA
Perfect fit
February 2, 2020
I can now put racks on my Jeep, thanks to these railings! Couldn’t be happier.
By Alex
Colebrook PA
Perfect factory fit
November 3, 2019
Amazingly fast shipping and perfect fit and condition, best place online to buy Jeep parts
ProsEverything couldn?t ask for anything better
By Patrick
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Replacement for the stock on-functional Altitude rails
October 20, 2019
These work exactly as some of the reviews have stated. I added a larger washer to the front and rear bolts and with some time and patients got them to sit almost perfectly flush. Overall it took me about 45 mins to install and it's a solid tight fit.
ProsLook great. Work exactly like they should Fast shipping and clean undamaged product
ConsSomeone should seriously create some hardware for this. A wide T bolt with an appropriately sized spacer for the front and rear bolts would make this a 10 min swap out.
By Arbia
Willowick, Ohio
Factory look and added functionality
August 24, 2019
These rails worked great on my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude. The front and back bolt set for each rail needed to be adjusted to get the proper fit-up, but that was expected per everything I read on forums.
ProsAdded functionality to my Jeep with a factory look that mopar said I wouldn’t be able to get.
ConsShould include alternative hardware kit for those with High Altitude or other packages requiring one.
By James
holds our SUPs
June 21, 2019
2018 GC High AltitudeWe bought this just a week before a trip we wanted to take our paddleboards on and didn't realize the stock rails were worthless. The rails arrived the day before our trip and I installed them with relative ease. As others have mentioned you have to play around with the height of the front and rear bolts. I found some washers with a slightly larger diameter laying around and added one to each of these bolts to achieve a nice interface for the underside of the rails to get a snug and flush fit.See the links Corey with Just for Jeeps posted as they are helpful. We've taken 2 boards on 2 trips now using the Thule SUP rack and the whole system is very solid and secure.
Prosonce installed very secure
Conslack of installation instructions so see the links posted by Corey here in the reviews.
By Kaci
Conway, AR
Awesome Upgrade!
June 16, 2019
Such a small upgrade but has made a big impact on the overall look of my Grand Cherokee. I purchased these because the rails that originally came on my Jeep were not functional.
ProsLooks great! I haven?t gotten any of the wind noise that previous reviewers have discussed. Easy installation thanks to the link in the previous reviews.
By Mel
WK@ GC Gloss Black Roof Side Rails
June 2, 2019
Too long to install cause had to make adjustments on the front and rear bolts height. Adjusted height to make plastic enclosure sit close to roof. Started w/ 1/4" gap and then 1/8" gap and finally perhaps 1/16". Had to remove front plastic clip cause the round bolt head made plastic enclosure sit 1/4" above roof.Anyway worth it cause now I can to install accessories. Don't know why f%^&*$ing Jeep did that however it was my bad for not noticing that.
ProsLooks good and now a useful roof rails
Conszero to none instructions from manufacturer. Good advises from jeep owners who were successful but we all spent too much time!
By Cyborg
Denver, CO
Pretty solid
May 10, 2019
Purchased these to replace the non-functional black rails on Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude edition. They look good and are solid. It takes a lot of trial and error to get It so there's little to no gap between the ends of the rails and the roof. I still can't get them completely flush, which is mildy annoying. There are some threads w tips but even then these haven't been the perfect fit (I may be the only one who notices the little space though). It would be nice if some install tips came with these, and also would be nice if the bolts and washers were included. They aren't, so make sure you save the ones that are with your existing rails. Once you figure these out, it takes only maybe 10-15 mins to install, including removal of the old rails. Again, I have no concerns about how solid they are and they look great. Only deduction is due to minor fit issue.
By Michal S.
Bluffton SC
Roof side rails
May 10, 2019
I really love these roof rails what a difference between SRT low profile rails and these ones thanks
By Jason
Dana Point, California
Side rails
April 19, 2019
Product is good solid product but needs to come with directions. It's simple once you figure it out but you have to figure it out first. Once they are on they look great and are very functional
ProsVisually satisfying and functional
ConsDoes not come with directions and the ends do not sit flush but it?s not too bad
By Chris S.
Perfect fit!
March 16, 2019
I was a bit worried at first due to the comments about the 1/8" to 1/4" gap on the front end. Installation is simple but time consuming because of the small adjustments you have to make on the front and back end to get the rail to sit flush. I noticed what people were saying about the gaps as I had the same problem. It's all about adjusting the height on the rear and front end screws and playing with adding/removing washers. A flush type washer works great on the front. I ended up adding larger washers on the rear ends and flush washers on the front to help catch the rail into the correct position. Looks great!
ProsLooks great and rock solid!
ConsTakes time to adjust front and rear ends
By Steve H.
New Jersey
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited- Gloss Black Roof Side Rails that fit perfect!
March 16, 2019
I brought these to add to my blackout project I am doing on my WK2. They are a direct fit and very easy to install. They really add to the blackout look.
ProsOverall appearance Ease of install
ConsThey don't fit flush 97%
By Tim
Sanford, FL
Easy mod
March 6, 2019
They the rails were a bit nicked up out the box- mildly disappointed with that. It happens in transit. Nothing that you can see with out really looking for it. Overall happy with the purchase and upgrade!
ProsEasy install
By Elton j.
Super Bowl 52 Champs
Yeep yeep
February 20, 2019
Dopest dope I ever smoked
By Corey
Norwood, MA
Here is how to install these side rails.
February 11, 2019
Since these are factory installed parts there are technically no installation instructions. However here are some links to where a forum member shows you how to install these rails if your Jeep didn't come with them. <BR><BR> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <BR> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <BR> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <BR> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
ProsYou will finally be able to carry gear on your roof.
ConsNot a direct replacement for the black plastic rails. Will require some ingenuity to install.
By Whr A.
Tampa, Fl
Happy with WK2 Roof Side Rails
February 7, 2019
I have an Altitude. I did not like the fake rails it came with. I ordered these. Everything wrt JustForJeeps was excellent. The only issue I had was with figuring out the installation of these rails. The end cap bolts require adjustments in order to slide the rails into place. I could not get them adjusted perfectly so the rails on the ends sit flush with the roof. The ends are sitting just off the roof about 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Anchoring the rails to the roof posed no issue. Those bolts just tighten right down with an Allen wrench. Just looking at the rails, they look great. They are secure to the roof as well. No one prolly notices the tiny gaps on the end, but I see them every day.
ProsPrice, the look, materials, color(all black)
ConsOnly installation and really only the end bolt adjustments
By Bill
Perfect fit
January 9, 2019
They fit perfectly and an easy install. One drawback is that they do not come with the proper screws. There are four special screws that are needed for the front and back mounting.
By Ryan
Charlotte, NC
Replacement for Altitude Black Trim
November 9, 2018
Bought these as a replacement for the Black trim pieces that come on the Altitude and SRT models. I have a 2015 GC Altitude. There was no drilling required as the bolts were all aligned properly. The front and end slide in to place. I do not think the bolts that were existing are the proper pieces to use for the new rails but I made them work ( had to take out the washer). It does not require a lot of skill to install, just some patience as getting the front and back bolts aligned correctly and set correctly takes a few tries. I recommend putting masking tape on your roof to avoid scratching as the rails slide into place.
ProsDirect fit Looks much better than SRT trim. These should be stock on all jeeps
ConsDifficult to get the bolts aligned correctly Can easily scratch roof if precautions are not taken
By Jorge A.
N Miami Beach
Great product, fast shipping
October 17, 2018
The rails installed relatively easily, just needed to work a little on getting the front and back plastic mounts to fit. Followed the lead of some reviewers here that shared how they did it.
By Bill K.
Black roof rails for 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee
October 7, 2018
Roof rack looks good and fit okay, but install required tricky mods to some screws. It was a fair amount of test fitting and adjustment needed to get the front and rear to lay down.
ProsThe rails look like factory install. All the bolt holes lined up well and the rails are mounted sturdily and it is expected that they will work well in service.
ConsInstructions sheet would be a big help. Also, special bolts should be provided with the rails. As a side note, my local Jeep's part department and service team did their best to try and convince me that it couldn't be done. It wasn't all that difficult or time consuming in the end.
By Erik
Enfield, CT
They fit "okay"
September 25, 2018
The gloss black finish looks great on my 2015 GC Altitude, however, like many others, I could not get a tight fit on the front. I ended up using a larger washer to hold it in place and make it tight, but I still have roughly an 1/8" gap where the roof rail is sticking up from the roof. Maybe it's the mold or I just need the different hardware but it does fit tight everywhere else. I wish different hardware was included for the front of the rails to sit flush.
ProsGreat look, uses "most" of the original hardware
ConsFront of roof rail sticks up with original hardware.
By Mike
New York
Blacked out look
September 21, 2018
Installed them on my 2018 sterling edition for more of the black look
By Sara
San Diego
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude - functional roof rails that fit perfect
September 5, 2018
This product was a perfect fit to replace my original non-functional rails. I have added a yakima rack and it is perfect. Thank you to Just for Jeeps for sending me a link on installation to help.
ProsProvided the ability to add a roof rack! It only took 20- 30 minutes to remove old non-functional rails and add these new functional rails.
ConsRail ends do not sit completely flush on a close inspection - but there is no worry of leaks!

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